Droplet Signature Tag ~ By Kelley
Open a new white canvas with the dimensions of 300 x 100. 
For this signature tag it is nice to use a gradient fill.  Go to EDIT/FILL and click on the GRADIENT tab.  Put a dot in front of GRADIENT.  Put a dot in front of TWO COLORS.  Click on the first color box next to TWO COLORS and choose a very dark blue.  The hex code of the blue that I used is #5A0087.   Click on the 2nd box next to TWO COLORS and choose black.  Click on the 3rd box next to FILL TYPE
Click OKAY.   Your canvas will now be filled with a blue/black gradient.
Click on your TEXT TOOL.  In the attribute bar, pick a font.  For MODE, pick 3D.  I used Script MT Bold, size 82 for the tag above.  Click once in your canvas and your text box will open.  Type in your name and click OKAY.  Your name will now appear on your canvas.  Right click on it and choose ALIGN/CENTER BOTH.  While your name is still selected, open your EASY PALETTE and fill it with a metallic from your Material Gallery.  I used COPPER 2 (available in PI7).  Right click on your canvas and choose MERGE ALL
Now we will add a border around our canvas.  Right click on your canvas and choose ALL.  Right click again and choose BORDER.  Change the BORDER WIDTH to 7.  For DIRECTION put a dot in front of INWARD and click OKAY.  In the toolbar at the top of your PI screen, click on EDIT/TRACE/SELECTION MARQUEE.  Accept the defaults and click OKAY.  In the attribute bar change the MODE to 3D.  Returning to your EASY PALETTE, fill your border selection with the same metallic fill that you used on your name. Right click on your canvas and choose MERGE ALL
The next part of this tutorial is the easy part !  Go to your EASY PALETTE/ANIMATION GALLERY/ANIMATION STUDIO.  Find the DROPLET thumbnail and right click on it.  Choose MODIFY PROPERTIES AND APPLY.  This is pretty much all you have to do to make the water droplet animation.  Before we save it, if you would like to preview the animation, click on the little arrow (indicated below). 
In order to save your animation, click on the SAVE button and save the animation to your hard drive.  That's all there is too it !!  I hope you enjoyed making this droplet signature tag !!